Our Daily Needs

enter The Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen accepts monetary gifts to assist with the utilities, insurance and maintenance as well as for the purchase of food and supplies.


http://e-proficientlab.com/product-category/general-lab-use/page/31/?add-to-cart=4291 We accept prepared and non-perishable food items.  In addition to fresh produce we use canned vegetables, canned fruit, juices, and coffee daily.

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Amoxicillin For Sale Online Uk Kitchen supplies include paper towels, cleaning supplies, disposable steam table pans and extra large garbage bags.

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http://alisonleighlilly.com/page/24/?sf_ahah=tags Dinner service paper products include Chinet Plates 10 3/8″, Chinet Plates 8 3/4″, 12 oz foam cups, heavy plastic silverware, dinner napkins, 6″ foam plates, salad bowls and 12 oz plastic cups.


http://danielricciardo.com/latest/german-gp-2/attachment/ap-1wausmyyh2111_hires_jpeg_24bit_rgb/ Volunteers keep the soup kitchen open! Our volunteers range in age from early teens to nonagenarians.  Church and civic groups, families and individuals volunteer over 160 hours a week (average of 8 volunteers a day are needed).





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